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Apple M1 has Arrived! What can we expect from Apple M2?

Apple M1 chip has arrived in the latest Macbooks, if you haven’t read my review about the Apple M1, you can do so here.

Now let's talk about Apple M2 and what expectations we can have from Apple in the upcoming M series chips for their Macbooks.


M1 has significantly improved the graphics area for apple smashing FPS on games like Fortnite.

M2 can take this even further, probably allowing higher refresh rates on higher graphical settings. This will help put Apple at higher reliability amongst users relating to gaming.

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

It won’t be on par with current console gaming or…

Below is a step to step tutorial to create your First Django Project

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If you don’t have Django and/or Python installed, follow the steps below and if you have any problems leave a message below, I’ll try to help out as many as I can, otherwise you can skip this step.

Setting up Django is as easy as actually using it for website development. Homebrew, which is a terminal tool widely used to download software easily. brew install Python will download python and python -m venv virtual will create an environment for our Django code.

Getting inside the environment is source bin/activate, typing pip install django inside the terminal after activating the virtual…

Python is a very versatile language, capable, and easy to Learn! Django, a Python Framework for Website Development.

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Django is a website development framework in Python which is fast, loaded, secure, scalable, and versatile. Many of the big, famous websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and Youtube are all developed using Django.


Django has built-in functionality for security using methods like Login(), authenticate(), user.is_authenticated() by using different Django libraries available to everyone.

It also has a built-in support for Database Models which are very easy to setup and utilise anywhere in your website.


By utilising the builtin functions given by Django, it makes our applications and websites secure and the consumers won’t have to worry about their data being…

iPhone 13 Leaks and Rumours are already spreading and some of the technologies rumoured may pave the way for the Future.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

New Battery Patent

The new Battery patent acquired by Apple, may lead the entire mobile industry in a very different yet exciting path. The patent lets a smaller battery size deliver the same usage as compared to a bigger thicker battery.

This will allow apple to keep the same form factor for the new iPhones and still deliver a lot more battery compared to the current iPhone 12 lineup. The new patent may even rival the battery life of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was considered as an industry class battery life.

Pro Motion Display

The Pro Motion display will allow the iPhone’s to have…

The Latest Macbooks are exceedingly POWERFUL and yet Battery efficient. Here’s Why!

Photo by Dmitry Chernyshov on Unsplash

Ever since the latest Macbooks have been released, the benchmarks and testing from everybody on Youtube have been amazing. The chip, made by Apple is astounding everybody who are getting the new macbooks.

The M1 chipset has 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, so it is literally a powerhorse. The benchmarks showcase the power hiding within the chip, which truly showcases the potential of the Apple chips within the Apple devices.

The Apple chips started with the iPhones and then the iPads and now the M1 has landed within the Macbooks. …

Here are some amazing Programming Project Ideas every programmer must TRY out.

Programming has come so far since the ancient times of writing in Binary. A lot can be achieved by programming nowadays and it is very enjoyable to learn. If you have free time on your hands, learn to program.

Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash

Here are 5 Different projects you should do as a programmer.

1. Build a Web Scraper

A web scraper is kind of a bot which can extract data from websites and the programmer can use that data elsewhere.

Scraping Google for the latest stock information of any company is one of the many examples.

Building a Web scraper is very fun and enjoyable, this can be…

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